A microneedle is hand held device with a group of small fine needles to puncture the skin with customized serums. This treatment is optimal to improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and ankles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues. Also known as: skin needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT), and percutaneouscollagen induction (PCI).The idea is that the damage caused by the needles encourages your body to send healing agents (elastin and collagen) to the cuts to repair them. Most anyone can have the procedure performed as long as they do not have any active infections, lesions, or any known wound healing problems. It is typically performed in 3-6 sessions, depending on the patients consult and Spa Plan. The needles are inserted deeper at each subsequent session, as the skin becomes thicker and can tolerate it. Any skin type can benefit from Microneedling.


Microneedling with PRP is a cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen production by rolling fine needles over the skin and applying platelets, which are one of the components of blood. The addition of PRP from the blood may make microneedling more effective. The liquid in blood is plasma, while platelets are solid.