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Male pattern baldness is much more common than people think. To prevent the negative effects on your quality of life due to hair loss, we can help men like you find preventative treatments and restore your hair to a healthy and youthful volume.

The root cause of male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is genetics. In the initial stages of this hereditary affliction, men often notice a receding hairline beginning at the temples or thinning at the crown. As the condition progresses, the hairline recedes to the point where it meets the bald spot at the crown. Eventually, all that remains is a horseshoe-shaped pattern of hair around the sides and back of the head.

The hair follicles of men experiencing this condition have inherited a sensitivity to a specific hormone, causing them to miniaturize over time, producing thinner and less dense hair. Ultimately, the follicles will stop producing healthy hairs and grow only miniaturized hairs that are nearly invisible to the human eye (like peach fuzz). This type of hair loss is progressive, and it can begin at puberty, so early intervention is essential.

IPL is a form of laser that can aid in the regrowth of hair or prevention of loss of hair. Please reach out to us today to discuss options.

Physical Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men. The physical benefits a patient can get from the BioTE method of hormone replacement therapy depends on their individual needs. Some of the physical benefits men typically report experiencing as a result of testosterone treatments include increased lean muscle mass and tone, bone strength, thicker hair, improved focus and memory, increased energy and stamina, and even improved mood.
The treatment is to benefit and aid in the reduction of sweating of hands and armpits (hyperhidrosis) and relief of headaches.

Many benefits to these options include, Improved Metabolism, Improved Strength, Improved Libido, Joint Health, Improved Cardiac Health, Bone Density and Improved structure of the Bone, Immune System Booster, Fat Burning and Improved Muscle Mass! Please see our IPL Page and our Fillers Page for more information!

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting many men of all ages. The PRP shot is a series of six penile injections that rejuvenate a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. These injections restore proper blood flow into and out of the penis and boost erection quality by a staggering 98%.

A small amount of blood is taken and the plasma is separated to give us purified and concentrated platelets. These platelets act as “first responders”, immediately traveling to any site in the body that needs repair. Once activated, they direct a healing response by releasing growth and regeneration factors, causing a rapid increase in stem cells, which repair and rejuvenate tissues. PRP or platelet rich plasma techniques are used internationally to repair sports injuries quickly and rejuvenate skin and faces. With this PRP shot, the plasma is injected into several sides of the penis, after a numbing cream has been applied. Because these areas have been numbed with anesthetic cream, you feel little or no pain and the actual injections themselves take no more than 5 minutes. The treatment is completely natural , using your own body’s platelets to stimulate vessel and tissue rejuvenation with no down time. The organ is immediately fuller naturally, and the platelets continue to work on repairing, rejuvenating and growing new tissue.

Patients report a better quality of erection with a 60% reported increase of at least 1/2 inch in length and girth. Feel like you’ve turned back the clock on your love life. This treatment dramatically increased blood flow to the penis by opening the small arteries and capillaries without creating systemic vascular side effects like some medications. Since PRP is derived from your own body, there have never been any reported systemic side effects. It takes about 1 to 3 weeks for most men to see results; full effects are achieved within three months. Effects typically last over a year.

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