Covid-19 Update & Notification


Do to the overwhelming supply and demand of BOXTOX/DYSPORT, there is NOW a nation wide deficit and we are not able to offer Boxtox services. WE DO HAVE A WIDE VARIETY of other FILLERS to accommodate your needs. 

During these trying times, we have remained open and continue to serve the community we have proudly been a part of for almost 10 years. COVID-19 has effected everyone, including the Coastal Med Spa (formerly Regenerative Matrix) as we have transitioned care to higher safe and secure patient/client experience. We sincerely hope you and your families remain safe during these trying times, and eagerly look forward to seeing you back in the office, as we have formerly reopened using best hygiene practices. Our highest priority is our patients/clients and for this reason we have implemented some safety practices to ensure a pleasant, successful, safe, quality service when you visit us at the office. This initiative includes wearing facial coverings/masks, using medical grade hand gloves, a required medical clearance questionnaire of every person that has an appointment (to rule out your contact with COVID-19 or someone who has been exposed to COVID-19), Daily sanitizing procedures of our office, equipment, materials and products used in patient/client care and services, disinfecting agents throughout our office as well as weekly meetings to discuss newest and best practices to keep our patients/clients safe and protected so we may continue to provide quality and professional services (as we always have). Many of the reassuring steps have always been practiced at our office locations and are a mandatory and required part of our process with each and every client as well as with our staff. Compliance is of utmost importance.

        We want to assure you that the Coastal Med Spa fully supports the COVID-19 initiative and in an effort to further maintain the health and well-being of our patients, clients, physicians and staff, have decided to offer essential and non-essential services both in office and via telephone-consultations based on which ever is most comfortable and safe for you personally. We hope this is a short term solution to a larger scale problem. Our hopes are this initiative taken by our local government, and steps like providers like ourselves in the community, are the steps needed to slow the progression of this virus.

        We look forward to continuing to service you and our community now and in the future.

-Your Coastal Med Spa Team

What we will do

Our staff will practice the following protocols:

*Temperatures taken before each shift. If any of our team members have a temperature or show any signs of sickness they will be sent home. 

*Gloves and Masks to be worn by all staff. Our clinicians will wear cloth masks during the entire shift while our Physician and Registered Nurses will wear N-95 masks as well as a face shield during treatments and procedures.

*Frequent deep cleaning. We will wipe down all frequently touched surfaces in the spa with medical grade cleaning agents throughout the day and between each client visits.

*Live private video tele-medicine consultation with our doctor and expert staff. Visits are scheduled just like any other office visit via a private and secure email link that is provided.