Botox & Dysport

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Injections

We have multiple injection options available to reduce the signs of aging. A consultation can help determine which one is right for you.

Both BOTOX® and DYSPORT® are injected into facial muscles in order to relax them and smooth over fine lines.

When you do not have as many deep creases in the face, you look younger, you feel better about yourself, and other people notice that you have a more vibrant appearance.

At your first consultation, our medical professionals will thoroughly examine the areas that you would like to have treated and make a decision based on their knowledge and experience.

We have found that BOTOX® may be better for treating certain types of dynamic wrinkles, while DYSPORT® may be more effective for other types. The best product for you really depends on your unique situation.

Getting BOTOX® or DYSPORT® takes only a few minutes and no anesthesia is required. Both are injected with a fine needle into specific muscles with only minor discomfort.

Regarding the results of BOTOX® and DYSPORT®, most individuals who receive either treatment are going to enjoy the benefits for three or four months.

After that time period, we recommend that patients return to our office to have their dynamic wrinkles treated again. It is important to note, however, that results vary from patient to patient.

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